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Lexington High School Learning Commons: Mission

Mission Statement

The Lexington High School Learning Commons facilitates a positive, safe, collaborative, and creative learning environment that effectively blends disciplinary literacies into the curriculum and culture of the school. Varied and frequent experiences with both print and digital resources promote reading and help students develop as responsible thinkers and workers, life-long learners, and productive citizens.

Goals - 2017-2018

Goals - 2017-2018

Program Goals

  1. To increase our collection of print and electronic resources related to the IB program. These resources will match the Disciplinary Literacy school goals. 
  2. To order materials to match the nationalities of our international students so our Learning Commons will have an international “flavor.” 

Professional Goals

  1. To attend a conference presented by the IB program
  2. To work with the IB teachers to make the library an integral part of the research process.
  3. To read This is Disciplinary Literacy and use those ideas to purchase and identify resources